Slidebars Usage

The following guides cover the basics of setting up your document, the required markup and scripts to control your Slidebars.

Including Required Files

How to include the required meta tags, libraries and files.

Adding Canvas Areas

How to add canvas areas to your document.

Adding Off-Canvas Slidebars

How to add off-canvas Slidebar to your document.

Initializing Slidebars

How to create your own instance and initialize Slidebars.

Opening and Closing Slidebars

How to assign clicks of a selector to open and close Slidebars.

Migrating from an Earlier Version

How to migrate to the new Slidebars with a similar setup.


Hi, I'm Adam.

I'm a freelance website designer and front-end developer in BCN.

Left and Right

Top and Bottom

Multiple Same Side

Animation Styles

Mobile Only

Custom Widths and Heights

Custom Transition Durations