Slidebars Issues

Slidebars may have conflicting issues when combined with other libraries or plugins. If you find a conflict or bug with Slidebars, I'd love to hear - issues can be reported on GitHub.

Please provide as much information about the bug as possible. You must include a url which demonstrates the issue, or if you don't want to publicly reveal your website, create a JSFiddle instead. If you don't supply this, I can't and/or won't help you.

Before submitting an issue on GitHub , take a look at the known issues below, the Advanced Usage section and also at previously closed issues.

jQuery < 1.8

Slidebars requires jQuery 1.8+.

Owl Carousel

Slidebars is not compatible with the first version of Owl Carousel. However it works perfeclty with Owl Carousel 2.


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Top and Bottom

Multiple Same Side

Animation Styles

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Custom Widths and Heights

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