Slidebars Features

Slidebars 2 is a complete re-write and extensive improvement on the original, packed full of new features with an even lighter footprint.

  • An unlimited amount of Slidebars - No longer just one left, one right.
  • Top and bottom Slidebars.
  • Clean and discreet markup - Slidebars now uses its own attibutes keeping your classes clean.
  • Full API for complete control.
  • Callbacks - Attach handling functions to be executed.
  • Events - Slidebars dispatches events indicating it's behaviour.
  • New shift animation style.
  • Improved animation durations.
  • Print styles.
  • Lightweight at only 1.69kb gzipped.

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Left and Right

Top and Bottom

Multiple Same Side

Animation Styles

Mobile Only

Custom Widths and Heights

Custom Transition Durations