Named after the greatest grid system in the world, Manhattan is a clean, lightweight and customisable CSS grid. It uses it's own data-attribute mhtn keeping your class markup clean.

It offers three containers, the default restricts content on screens over a specified width, whereas flex and edge allow you to maximize any screen.

Manhattan doesn't use a traditional 12 column layout, but instead opts for straight forward percentages. There are five breakpoints for total control over your layout, where you can specify a width for each column at each screen size.

Manhattan supports all modern browsers and most older ones, including IE 8 with the help of a media query polyfill. It's ultra light, weighing in at 658 bytes gzipped/2.8 kb minified and released under the MIT license, free to use and abuse.

If you need help setting up Manhattan, head on over to the Help Center, where you can also request support. If you find any bugs or have a feature suggestion, head on over to GitHub.