Bisma’s blog and archive templates have four layout variations and can display standard page content above your recent posts. In the Theme Options panel you can select a layout, enable new post indicators, display featured images and edit the ‘Continue reading’ button text.

Bisma’s pagination module is located underneath the posts. It provides a View All button and links to the next and previous pages. Clicking More opens a drop-down with links to the first, last and every page number in between. Navigating a blog has never been so easy.

For more info, take a look at Bisma’s Help Center and how to Set up a Blog Page. You can preview each layout by clicking on an icon below.

  • Grid one
  • Grid one
  • Grid three
  • Grid four

Hidden Image

The hidden image template hides your featured image on single view. The post can still use a thumbnail, which will be displayed on the blog, archives and search results. This template is also useful if you’d like to display your featured image in a different location, for example, halfway through your content. The hidden photograph…

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By default Bisma crops images to a wide rectangle, use the uncropped image template to display squared or 4:3 images. This is the Mother Temple of Bali, located in the village of Besakih on the slopes of Mount Agung. To learn more about Using Post Templates, take a look at Bisma’s Help Center. Lorem ipsum…

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Edge to Edge

This post uses a full width featured image template. Pictured is the incredibly designed Eixample, 22@ the innovation district, Torre Agbar, Mapre and Hotel Arts skyscrapers in Barcelona. Underneath each post is Bisma’s navigation module, providing links back to the blog and to next and previous posts. Click the More button to display a drop-down…

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Bangkok Skyline and River

Default Post

The default post has a full width layout and a cropped featured image. When viewing a single post, all categories and tags are displayed in the post meta. To ensure great spacing, only two of each are displayed on archives. To learn more about Using Post Templates, take a look at Bisma’s Help Center. Lorem…

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