Detailed and useful attachment pages.

Bisma’s attachment pages are fully styled and provide a useful navigation module. It provides links to download the file, return to the post and navigation through other images attached to the same post.

Head into the Media Library to edit your attachment’s information, the name of file is used as the page title, if present the caption will be used as a subtitle, and the description will be displayed under the attachment, as the page content.

Attachments also display meta information including who uploaded the file and the date, the post or page the file is attached to, the file type and links to the comments.

Take a look at the examples below and for more information on how to Add Attachment Content, take a look at Bisma’s Help Center.

Image Attachments

Here is a gallery of Barcelona, each image links through to it’s attachment page.

Various Files

Bisma accommodates for attachments other than images, here are links to attachment page of a zip and txt file.